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Intensive finishing with much shorter processing times than conventional tub vibrators

Equipment:HV 20 TUB VIBRATOR

With the introduction of the HV 20 tub vibrator, OTEC is now extending its product range still  further and increasing the scope of options for mass finishing, deburring, edge rounding and polishing. This tub vibrator is suitable for applications such as the finishing of bone nails and bone plates. Thanks to its unique design, this machine provides very intnsive finishing and therefore enables much shorter processing times to be achieved than with conventional tub vibrators. The tub vibrator offers the following features:


  • 20 g reverse acceleration for much shorter finishing times than comparable systems

  • Soundproofing and speed control

  • Centrifugal force 1,000 kg, motor output 1.3 kW

  • Suitable for finishing inlying surfaces

  • Continuous water flow

  • For dry and wet finishing and suitable for ball polishing

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