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The FS flow separation series from OTEC is the ideal solution for the fast and reliable separation of workpieces and media such as abrasive granulate. Previously this work could only be carried out in an expensive and time-consuming manual operation. Because of the different densities of the workpieces and the media, these can be separated by flowing water within a few minutes in a completely automated process.


Reliable separation within a few minutes

The workpieces are collected in a basket and the media in a container. The rate of water flow can quickly and easily be adjusted to suit different mixtures of workpiece and media. The greater the difference in density between the workpieces and the media, the easier they are to separate, because a higher rate of flow rate can be selected. The FS series of flow separation units stands for:

  • Short processing times

  • Reliable separation within a few minutes

  • Efficient Production

  • Eliminates costly manual separation

  • Cost-effective

  • Top performance at an affordable price

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