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Elma X-tra line pro

From the single device via the manual to the fully automated system, the modulare Elmasonic X-tra line cleaning systems are very flexible. They adapt any time to the individual cleaning task in terms of design and process sequence.

Equipment:X-tra line pro

The basis of the modular cleaning systems are our Elmasonic X-tra pro serial units with multi-frequency technology. They enable an individual combination of the various devices for cleaning, rinsing and drying in order to create the optimum cleaning process. Subsequent extensions of the system, changes or adjustments in the process are also possible at a later date.

An extensive range of accessories such as baskets and lids as well as ancillaries such as bath care or water treatment systems can also be easily integrated and retrofitted. For an automated cleaning process, X-tra line systems can be equipped with a transport robot system in hook or transfer mode.

Features and functions:

  • Multi-frequency technology with 25/45 kHz or 37/130 kHz

  • Sweep-function

  • for even sound distribution and for optimal cleaning results

  • Degas-function for quick degassing with of a fresh cleaning bath

  • Individually activatable Pulse-function

  • for increased performance with difficult cleaning tasks

  • Various drying systems (warm air - with/without HEPA-filter, infrared, vacuum)

  • Automatic filling, refilling and emptying of the tanks

  • Dosing units for the simple and correct dosage of the cleaning agent

  • Measuring systems for monitoring the bath condition

  • Optional ancillaries such as filter pump units, oil separators, water treatment systems, and much more.

  • IPC-based system control

  • Optionally integrated oscillation

  • for accelerated flushing of the dirt in the cleaning bath (including basket drip position)

  • 5 different sizes of units from 39.0 to 189.0 liters max. filling volume

  • As X-tra line precision

  • with round tank corners and electropolished tank surface


  • Customer-specific baskets and inserts

  • Drying Units

  • Bath Care Systems

  • Water Treatment Units

  • Automatic dosing units

  • Rotation units

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