No other manufacturing process offers as much freedom and flexibility for both the design and production of components as additive manufacturing.
Our finishing machines enable quick and efficient smoothing of workpieces, rounding of corners and polishing: a reliable way to significantly reduce surface roughness.

Innovative solutions for a perfect surface finish

In the field of high-quality jewelry and watches, the most stringent demands are placed on surface quality. We have amassed a wealth or experience with intricate working parts and supplies virtually all top manufacturers throughout the world.
We offer you the expertise needed to ensure the best results when finishing stainless steel, platinum, gold or ceramic materials.

Surfaces as if polished by hand

Whether for finishing prosthetic items, implants or medical equipment, we are on hand to ensure that you benefit from reliable results and expert customization.
Over a period of several years, we have developed special parameters for the drag finishing and disc finishing processes in order to ensure fast and cost-effective surfacce finishing and consistently high quality. 

Consistent quality and accuracy irrespective of the material

In the automotive industry, the surface finish of individual components is often crucial. So-called bulk goods are finished in disc finishing machines whereas sensitive parts which need to be finished to a greater degree of precision require the use of stream finishing or drag finishing machines.
Our process and the perfect surface finish it gives reduces wear and thereby increases service life.

Reduced wear for longer service life

The quality of stamping, forming and cutting tools can be improved considerably by finishing the workpieces in DF and SF machines. Defined edge rounding dramatically increases the life of cutting tools, as a rule by a factor of three.
Our process not only rounds the edges but also smooths the surfaces considerably. This significantly reduces chipping and improves chip flow.

Longer tool life through selective rounding of cutting edges

Components used in the aerospace industry must be made to withstand extreme environmental conditions.
With our finishing machines, reproducible results can be achieved with the best surface quality in the shortest possible processing times.

Most demanding surfaces


ZOTEC is the exclusive Chinese partner of OTEC GmbH.



For cost-effective high-precision surface finishing


Mass Finishing Units And Process Technology

Zotec Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (ZOTEC) is specialized in production and sales of equipments for surface processing and cleaning.
By cooperating with the industry-leading European companies, such as OTEC and Elma (Germany), iepco (Switzerland), relying on top industry-specific technology from European and supported by the laboratory in line with the German-standards, ZOTEC has provided numerous customers with a wide range of surface solutions (deburring/polishing, sandblasting, cleaning) since its establishment for more than ten years.
With the first-class quality products, the rigorous work style and the comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service, ZOTEC has won widespread recognition and favorable comments.

We provide our customers with more than equipment, but a complete set of solutions including equipment, auxiliary products and processes in combination with each customer's circumstance.

Our business philosophy is ‘think what customers think’. The company brings together the professional technicians in the field of polishing and cleaning in China, the experienced German management personnel together and adhering to the consistent rigorous attitude. With the perfect pre-sales and after-sales service, ZOTEC is the best surface treatment expert for you.