Belt buckle processing solution - CF



Fashion jewellery such as decorative clasps and decorations on handbags, as well as rivets and belt buckles, are often made from die cast zamak, one of the most common alloys consisting of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper, and also often from brass or steel. Delicate, intricate pieces of fashion jewellery demand maximum precision from the manufacturing process.


OTEC offers a cost-effective process for the surface refinement of fashion jewellery and acces-sories: its disc finishing machines achieve the highest surface quality in the shortest possible time. The jewellery is polished to a high shine, producing an impressively perfect finish. Compared with conventional processing in vibrators, the process times in OTEC disc finishing ma-chines are considerably shorter and can produce better results. Depending on the workpiece size, shape and weight, surfaces can be good enough to go straight on sale.