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Smart technologies driving tomorrow’s production!

EMO Hannover – the world’s premier trade fair for the metalworking industry – is a key showcase for innovations and an essential driver of global production technology. As a premier, flagship fair, EMO Hannover presents an unparalleled width and depth of products and services covering all production areas relevant to machine tools and production systems – ranging from machining and forming, as the nucleus of manufacturing, to precision tools, accessories and control technology, system elements and components for automated manufacturing, right on up to interconnecting equipment and industrial electronics. ZOTEC’s cooperation partner OTEC exhibit its first-class precision surface processing equipment on EMO Hannover. The forward-looking and practical micro-scale surface treatment technology became a highlight of the exhibition.

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As the Industry 4.0 revolution affecting all the industries, the concept of “smart technologies driving tomorrow’s production“ has been carried out in the leading manufacturing companies. OTEC, a leader of precision surface treatment, implemented smart technology in all the aspects of its product.

OTEC welcomes visitors on booth G56, Hall 11. OTEC’s exhibition list including not only Disc finishing units (CF), Drag Finishing units (DF) and Streamfinish (SF), but also application cases in Aerospace, automotive, tooling, additive manufacturing, jewelry and medical device industries.

Aerospace – Massive improvement of turbine blade surface

For the machining of turbine blades, the two processes of deburring and smoothing the surface work synergistically. Thanks to OTEC's advanced surface processing technology, the effect on the shape of the workpiece will be minimized. The processing data shows that the original blade (Ra=1.45μm) can be quickly reduced to Ra 0.24μm after processing; the surface roughness data of the other set of blades is reduced from 0.54μm to 0.06μm. In addition, the flexible assembly and clamping system can process up to 5 blades at the same time, which ensures the maximum efficiency. The SF serie machine is equipped with a fully automatic processing process, which reduces the manual operation while maintaining the green environmental-friendly concept. Moreover, the automatic equipment also reduces the waste water treatment cost and labor cost for customers.

Tooling – Hob surface treatment solution

OTEC's surface treatment technology perfectly solves the problem of hob machining. The surface treatment can evenly round the edge of the hob and make the level of the edge uniform. In addition, OTEC's cutting-edge surface treatment enables the polishing on chip breaker of hard metal tools. The performance of the hob after processing by OTEC technology has been greatly improved. Smoother chip breakers help to remove chips better, edges with consistent heights will also result in higher throughput. Through 1-10 minutes processing the entire processing chain can achieve more efficient production.

Pulsfinish – the new stream finish technology brings higher levels of precision and efficiency to surface treatment. As the latest research result of OTEC, the SF machine can reach the tiny corners and surfaces of workpiece by using the Pulsfinish technology. The uniformity of each surface after processing is well maintained. Therefore, the Pulsfinish surface treatment technology has outstanding processing effects on tools, molds, and products that require high precision on the surface.

DF machine displayed on the booth hold workpieces such as tools, molds, automotive shaft parts, and orthopedic implants. It is widely used and OTEC has created customized clamps for different workpieces to further improve processing efficiency and processing quality.

CF machine is also exhibited on the booth.

ZOTEC is the partner of OTEC and dedicated to introduce the cutting-edge surface treatment machines and technology to China.

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