Cutting-edge development of tool surface processing and testing,Zotec tool processing and testing



From May 15th to 16th, 2019, the two-day Zotec tool processing and testing symposium came to a successful conclusion. Experts from the world's leading tool and precision manufacturing industry gathered together. Mr. Zheng Zhangqing, General Manager of ZOTEC Machinery, Mr. Shi Xinghua, Deputy General Manager, Mr. Helmut Gegenheimer, General Manager of OTEC, Germany, Ms. Tracy Yang, Senior Sales Manager, and Mr. Michael Kreil, Manager of Alicona China, together with domestic tool manufacturers, have experienced the unique technical advantages and the long-term development based on the Chinese market of SF pulse finishing machine and high-precision optical metrology devices from Alicona in tool surface processing, measurement and inspection.


GM. Mr. Zheng and Mr. Gegenheimer gave a welcome speech together

ZOTEC Machinery (abb. ZOTEC) is a manufacturing company engaged in the surface treatment, cleaning and testing of precision parts. In 2007, we established technical cooperation with OTEC Germany, and we are committed to bringing advanced automation products to the Chinese market through joint research and development, production and manufacturing with German high-precision technology companies and to promote the development of China's automation industry.

The topic of the symposium was mainly the processing and measurement of the tool surface. The newly developed pulse finish technology processes the workpiece surface through circulating media with rotating workpiece itself. Sales manager of OTEC, Tracy Yang introduced the advanced concept of pulse finish technology in tool surface treatment: comparison with magnetic and WPC processing, the stream finish has a wide range of versatility, little influence on the coating process, no effect on the working conditions of the robot and the health of the workers and can realize high-volume, high-efficiency automated production. The research data from several German universities and research institutes cooperated with OTEC shows that the wear resistance after pulse finish processing is significantly improved, and the tool life is extended by at least two times.

Participants watched the live demonstration of the SF RLS machine processing tools. Based on the Chinese market, ZOTEC will provide sales and troubleshooting, repair and maintenance services for tool and precision tool manufacturers. In this symposium, ZOTEC has deepened communication with many new and old customers and built a smoother communication platform.

The highly automated robotic work and the polishing process led to a lively discussion among the participants. The sales from ZOTEC answered the inquiries of the customers in detail.

During the stream finishing process, the deburring, smoothing and polishing of the workpiece can be done in one operation. The high- speed flow of the media and the SF process can also be used to round the edge. The force generated by the machine allows the fine grinding media to enter the tiny, inaccessible areas of the workpiece, such as grooves and can achieve roughness to 0.03μm.

In addition, the movement with controllable trajectory facilitates the machining of special surfaces with high precision requirements. In order to ensure that the entire workpiece is evenly ground, the stream finish process is synchronized with standard machining, at the same time, automatic monitoring is also possible. The machine is designed to achieve an adjustable flow angle for the grinding media. This can control the wear of the material to the micron level. Fast, efficient workpiece machining through a combination of highly automated, powerful machining and fast workpiece change systems.High automation, powerful processing and rapid workpiece batch changing function can achieve an efficient and cost-saving processing system.

Another highlight of this symposium is Alicona's tool optical measurement instruments. For many years, Alicona has been providing high-quality micro coordinate measurement products to customers in the cutting tool, precision processing, additive manufacturing, stamping and automotive industry. High-precision measurement technology products such as edge measurement, 3D surface measurement, micro-three-coordinate measurement, surface topography measurement, etc. are excellent partners for customers in the above-mentioned industries to continuously optimize products and improve product quality.

InfiniteFocus G5 is a optical micro coordinate measurement and surface finish measurement system, which is especially suitable for tools. It is the fastest optical form- and roughness measurement system in its class. Furthermore, the range of measurable surfaces is nearly unlimited, supported by the use of a LED ring light. Users achieve a vertical resolution of up to 10 nm even at complex forms and surfaces.

Mr. Kreil’s demonstration of the easy, flexible operation of InfiniteFocus G5

The close cooperation between ZOTEC and OTEC, Alicona for more than ten years has enabled ZOTEC to introduce more and more high-tech products into China. This tool processing and testing symposium is a friendly technical communication between the tool and precision industry partners, meanwhile shows the emerging technologies and future trends of the tool and precision industry.