Electropolishing Treatment Solutions in Jewelry Industry,EPAG FLEX OTEC


Electropolishing is a method used by many manufacturers for the surface treatment of products. The EPAGFLEXOTEC from ZOTEC, an electrochemical polishing machine for the jewelry industry, can be used to polish gold, platinum and silver jewelry. As the latest electropolishing machine equipment, it can help users to reduce losses and increase productivity in the process of production, thus achieving better economic benefits.


What is electropolishing?

A:In an electropolishing process, the work-piece serves as the anode; the insoluble metal serves as the cathode; the anode and cathode are immersed into the electrolytic tank at the same time and through the DC ionization reaction it produces selective anode dissolution, thereby achieving the effect of removing fine burrs and increasing brightness on the work-piece surface.


How does it work?

A:The work-piece is connected to the positive terminal of a DC power supply, conductive material such as plumbum, stainless steel which resist the corrosion of electrolyte being attached to the cathode. Both are a distance apart in the electrolyte (general with sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid as basic component), to a certain temperature, voltage and current density (usually less than 1 A / cm2), electrify time (generally for a few seconds to a few minutes), and the small bumps on the surface of the work-piece dissolve firstly, gradually become a smooth surface.


What are benefits of electropolishing?


1:The inner and outer colors are consistent; the gloss is durable, and the concave which cannot be mechanically polished will be processed as well.

2:High production efficiency and low cost. Samples can be prepared in large quantities.

3:It increases the surface corrosion resistance of work-piece, and is applicable to all stainless steel material.

Electropolishing, therefore, is widely used for metal products and parts of small surface roughness, such as mirror, stainless steel tableware and decorations, needle, springs, leaf and stainless steel tube, etc., it can also be used to polish some mold (such as rubber wood pattern and glass mould, etc.) and metallographic grinding.

As a result, ZOTEC has introduced the EPAGFLEXOTEC, a electropolishing machine used to polish Gold and silver jewellery which has high requirements and complicated structures.

EPAGFLEX as the latest electropolishing machine equipment, can be used to polish gold, platinum and silver jewelry. This equipment achieve grinding and polishing processing of gold and silver clawed ring in a short time, without destroying the structure of the complex at the same time, to ensure the effect of hole polishing, so to minimize manual polishing and greatly improved the surface quality of the product.


The advantage of equipment:

The same kind of polishing fluid for gold and silver materials

Two separate working slots improve the flexibility of processing.

Minimizing manual polishing

The remaining polish fluid on the ring can be recovered by a simple filter

Technical parameters:

The shell is made of brushed stainless steel

ouble working cylinder made of PP material (polypropylene plastic)

the working volume is about 30 litres

Double rinse pool, the working volume of each rinsing tank is about 8 liters

Processing temperature: 20°C-35°C

Processing time: usually 15-45 minutes, depending on

the size, shape and alloy of the work-piece

Processing capacity: 2x40 pieces (each batch)

Filtration unit for collection of abrasive

Soaking solution (the electrolyte): GL 20

Optional configuration:

Various support systems

Portable exhaust device

A variety of exchangeable cathode systems