Zotec was invited to attend the 13th Medical Device and Equipment Manufactures Exhibition & Conferen


China's leading Medical Device and Equipment Manufactures Exhibition & Conference (Medtec China 2017)has been opened on September 20 to 22 at Shanghai World Expo Exhibition hall 2 again. As the World's influential exhibitions of medical and technological design and manufacture technology --- Medtech World in China, the Medtec China Show will gather more than 300 high-quality brands from areas such as medical design and development, raw materials, parts, processing technology and manufacturing services and more than 10000 people from the industry.

The stand of Zotec


Zotec was invited to attend the Medtec again. During the exhibition, Zotec, which is engaged in the development of medical industry and provides the overall solution service for surface treatment, has received constant attention from medical industry technology and related personnel.

Reception of the audience

Among the equipments, the vibrator HV20 can perfectly polish all kinds of bone splints in a short period of time, which require rounding off the edges of the work piece by a large margin. Compared to the traditional process, it reduces the cost of processing and received a lot of professional audience. CF-50 polishing machine and DF-tools polishing machine are the classic equipments of OTEC: through wet grinding and dry polishing technology, the work piece can be made into perfect mirror effect, and their market is highly recognized. Ipeco Screw disc automatic sandblast cleaning machine, which comes from Swiss professional sandblasting machine manufacturer, can also provide perfect surface sandblasting treatment for customers. It is widely used in medical industry.

the demo of vibrator

Introduction of iepco screw cleaner

Medtec China 2017 is still in the heat of development. During September 20 to 22 in Shanghai expo pavilion hall 2 on booth number C105, we are looking forward to your visit!