Zotec serves automotive industry with international leading cleaning technology


On July 16-17, sponsored by China Automatic Transmission Industrialization International Seminar organizing committee, CATIIS is held in Tim in wuhu hotel, Wuhu.

This year has been the seventh session of the seminar since its inception, with the theme "collaborative innovation among vehicles and parts, expanding market share and cultivating world brands". Industry experts, university representatives, automatic transmission enterprises, automatic transmission parts enterprises, automatic transmission equipment enterprises and related personnel more than 250 people attended the meeting.

As a professional industrial-parts cleaning supplier and a surface treatment expert, Zotec was also invited to participate in this event and took part in the discussion about e innovation technology, key process, development process and management system of automatic transmission industrialization in depth.

ZOTEC has been committed to providing international advanced cleaning technology to the automotive industry and has provided targeted cleaning solutions to different parts of the automotive industry for more than a decade. At the meeting, ZOTEC detailed the top cleaning technology and perfect surface treatment technology from Germany for the automotive industry and attracted a large audience.

ZOTEC has provided whole set of surface treatment solution

Among them, BvL high-pressure cleaning machine can meet the strict requirements of automobile industry thanks to its advantages of product technology such as thoroughly cleaning of the work piece, deburring and perfect integration to production line. And the SF stream finishing machine is easy to operate and can be used for the surface treatment of auto parts. It reduces the production time and cost and improves production efficiency by completing the three steps of deburring, rounding and grinding in a process. The related products have been noticed by the guests.