Streamfinish technology - perfect solution for chip remover groove


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Tool edge rounding has become the standard post-processing procedure for the tool industry. All major tool companies have their own treatment solutions and processes, and clearly know the effect of edge rounding, which is suitable for each product. The tools after edge rounding are on the same starting line, and the tool company erges the product to stand out amoung other tools, which requires them to find another way to break through the existing universal standards. Through the post processing of the tool, quality and life of tools can be significantly improved, which makes the product a leader in the industry.

ZOTEC Pulsfinish stream finishing machine (abb. SF) develops a new and improved process for the chip remover groove polishing solution, which effectively improves the surface quality. Many tool manufacturers are quite familiar with the chip remover groove polishing, but it is not easy to achieve shiny and smooth surface at the same time without any grinding marks. Furthermore, any damage or shape change to the cutting egde will massively affect the processing result but it is difficult to avoid.

Hand polishing can achieve very satisfying results, but it takes plenty of time and effort. In the case of sandblasting polishing machine, the tool is manually clamped. After automatic sandblasting and polishing, the polishing effect is even better, but the use of the sandblasting material is relatively large, so the processing cost is correspondingly increased. SF presents a new processing technology with the special polishing abrasive, the polishing effect of the chip remover groove is fully mirrored, and the Plusfinish processing method does not damage the cutting edge. The polishing time is between 4 and 8 minutes depending on the condition of workpiece, a robot assembled in the set can automatically clamped and fix the workpiece and finish the loading and unloading process.

Workpiece before and after SF polishing process

Before processing                                             After processing

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