Make the instrument clean as new! ——Instrument surface deoxidation polishing solution


Saxophone accessories are mostly made of copper or bronze alloy. These materials have a common feature: once been oxidized, they are difficult to handle, especially the welds. At present, many wind instruments (orchestras, etc.) are made of copper or bronze alloys, and the surface oxidation problem has always been a trouble for musical instrument lovers.

Traditional surface treatment processes are mainly manual polishing, which is inefficient and cannot handle small gaps. At present, ZOTEC has developed a special process for precision polishing of musical instrument accessories. It can not only prevent oxidation during processing, but also achieve the brightness of manual polishing.

As ZOTEC's best-selling equipment, whether you are looking for an independent solution or want to build a production line, the TP series polishing machine can match your various needs. All machines in the TP series work on the principle of tray centrifugation: the workpiece is immersed in a cylinder filled with grinding fluid or abrasive, and the tray at the bottom of the cylinder rotates. At the same time, the tray is separated from the upper container through an adjustable gap, and the centrifugal force acting between the workpiece and the abrasive can make the surface of the workpiece smooth and uniform.

For musical instrument accessories, ZOTEC can use wet grinding and dry polishing technology to create a mirror effect. Not only the roughness can meet the higher requirements, but the corners and gaps that are difficult to machine are treated uniformly. The high-efficiency surface treatment process without dead ends has been relatively mature and has a high degree of market acceptance.

Comparison of workpiece before and after processing






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